While my days at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona—or more commonly, Cal Poly Pomona—are gone, I have amassed a collection of projects that should probably never again see the light of day. Nevertheless, the memories of those long nights I spent trying to figure out the complex, finer minutiae of computer science beg me to bring some sort of relief to the aching minds of my colleagues. So instead of wasting away into unintelligible bits on an optical disc somewhere in my great catalog of disc-backups, these projects will hopefully be of use to some poor soul fellow computer science students.

Please note that these were student projects (meaning that there are definitely better ways of accomplishing the given task) and as such, I will not give any extra support—even if you ask nicely. If I can barely remember what I did yesterday, I doubt I’ll be much help trying to figure out what I was thinking while coding these. These are here for reference only; you’re really cheating yourself out of a good education if you plagiarize. (Not to mention it’s also illegal.) Also, I make no claim to the validity, correctness, or completeness of these programs—that is an NP-complete problem after all!

That said, the programs are organized using the Cal Poly computer science courses chronology. I also included the name of the professor with which I took each respective course, in case it helps.

(If you’re wondering why there is so much Java, it is because it is the official programming language of instruction at Cal Poly.)

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