Toshiba calls it quits; does it matter?

Toshiba released a statement today stating that they will cease production of HD-DVD products, which effectively means that Blu-Ray has won the format war. I am thankful that all the bickering and fighting is now over, but in the end, will the common person go out of their way to purchase a new system? In the days where video on the iPod, on computers and on other portable media devices is ever so popular does high-definition content even matter?

I remember hearing a radio show a while back where technology experts were talking about the current generation and their attachment to the smaller, more personal screen. These kids are the ones that are going to choose the format for the movie industry to distribute their films. The experts were talking about how this current generation doesn’t care for high-definition, what it wants is portability and easy access. The days of the physical disc as a form of distribution are limited, according to them.

Although I do agree with them to some extent, there are still those of us who would like to benefit from the newly ended war. Some consumers haven’t switched to HD because of the instability of the market. Now that the problem is solved, we should begin to see an increase in the number of households that are HD equipped. We’ll only have to wait and see what the fate of the physical disc is.

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