Snow! Winter!

It’s December again in Southern California, but this time around it’s actually very, very cold. At least it’s very cold compared to Decembers past. It’s currently 48°F (but it feels like 40°), rain is pouring down, and there is lots of cold wind blowing through. It’s actually been raining since yesterday, and the cold started sometime last week.

I caught a glimpse of the mountains (the San Gabriel Mountains, that is) yesterday and a little today before the dark, ominous clouds covered them up again. They are replete with snow! It’s exciting to see snow on the mountains again, but I hope it lasts this time. In the past, once the first blanket of snow was laid, it would suddenly get hot and melt all the snow away. The bitter cold somehow tells me that this is going to last, though. Let’s hope it does; I’ve always dreamed of a white Christmas!

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