Play iTunes Music Store previews automatically

I have an iTunes playlist called my “Wishlist” where I have previews from the iTunes Music Store of songs that I’d like to purchase at some point in the future. (It’s currently at 158 songs, so that’ll probably be later than sooner.)

The only problem is that when I play the playlist, iTunes stops after playing only one song, meaning I have to double-click each song if I want to hear the entire playlist…umm, not going to happen. Thankfully, I found a little program (Mac only) called iTunes Music Store Player 0.1 that does just what it’s name suggests: it plays previews from the iTunes Music Store automatically so you don’t have to sit there and double-click! It’s not perfect, but it does the job.

You might think, “Well, how is this useful?” One user suggested using it to listen to the songs on the Billboard Charts in iTunes…kind of like your own 30-seconds-a-song radio station. If you have a “Wishlist” playlist like me, you can enjoy all the songs without having to tediously go back to iTunes when a song ends.

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