A whole different Galaxy…in Carson

I got to go to my first soccer game today! It was at the Home Depot Center in Carson, home of the LA Galaxy. The whole family went in part to support Youth for Orphans who was having a booth there and in part to celebrate Father’s Day a little early (since Dad likes soccer)….

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Julie’s Grad Trip

Yay! Julie graduated from Biola this past Saturday. Much like my New York Graduation trip, we went for a little trip these last few days a little north to Ventura and Santa Barbara. We first stopped in Simi Valley on our way up to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Once you get out of…

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Upgrading to HDTV (with a few snags)

It’s finally time to upgrade to watching TV in high definition! Dad bought a 42-inch Syntax-Brillian Olevia 242v last weekend (just in time for Julie’s graduation—Congratulations Julie!) and gave away our old 32-inch CRT TV. I know it’s not the best available, but I think it was worth the $700 he paid for it, especially…

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Prince Caspian at El Capitan

Prince Caspian premiered today, and the family and I went to see the midnight showing at the El Capitan Theatre! We got VIP tickets, meaning that we got reserved seating and a commemorative Prince Caspian bucket with popcorn. Right before the movie started, a Ben-Barnes-as-Prince-Caspian-look-alike came out onto the stage and waved his sword around…

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Nefertiti and Los Angeles County

Ever since I first saw the famous bust of Nefertiti on display at the Ägyptisches Museum Berlin in my grade school history text book, I thought that the shape of the statue resembled the map outline of Los Angeles County. I don’t know why I remembered the similarity today, but I thought I’d share it…

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Getting a new mouse

A few weeks ago, I started shopping around for a new mouse to replace the Kensington USB PocketMouse Pro that I gave away. I had a few requirements, though: It had to be ambidextrous I frequently switch back and forth between using my left and right hands It had to be cordless I didn’t want…

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