Happy New Revolution Around the Sun!

Palms and Fog Yet another year has elapsed and yet another year commences. Congratulations on surviving yet another dizzying revolution around our bright star! All joking aside, I’d like to wish everyone great happiness and peace in this new year. May it be replete with a myriad of opportunities for you to smile.

The family and I celebrated the coming of the new year with friends at a church in Wilmington. On our way back home, we noticed that Southern California had decided to greet the new year with bitter cold and dense fog. It was the densest I’d ever seen in all my life here; my parents agreed. You could hardly see 20 feet in front of you! Despite this, I thought the mood it produced suited the arrival of a new year well. It evoked thoughts of mystery and uncertainty; it reinforced the idea that anything can happen in this new year.

Here’s to another go-round!

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