End of Summer Job

I recently found this little composition that I wrote back in August about my last day of work at PlanetBravo in Redondo Beach. Just thought I’d share.

August 15, 2008

Today was the last of day of TechnoTainment Camp at PlanetBravo in the South Bay. It was the conclusion of six weeks of battling with sleep-inducing traffic jams and tiring, long days. As I left Alta Vista School for the last time, having just finished helping pack up all the computers and all the equipment we so eagerly used for the summer and after attempting to remove all traces of our decorations from the walls, I was overcome by a sense of sadness and mournfulness. I hesitantly said my goodbyes to PJ and Pizzy who were the last ones there—everyone else had left already.

The sun had begun to set and there was a gentle, cool ocean breeze blowing. The birds happily chirped as they greeted the moon far off in the distance. The whole panorama was very serene. I looked for the last time at the benches where we all ate lunch before going out to play and where we gathered for snacks after surprise seminars. Despite their emptiness, they seemed joyful, as if they were happy that we had at one time occupied them and as if they were beckoning us to return. I contemplated the now deserted sidewalk where we would wait for campers to arrive in the morning and where we waited for their parents to pick them up in the afternoon under the shade of the trees that more than one time inadvertently became the home of basketballs, handballs, and that swooshy thing. Everything seemed so desolate and yet at the same time so blissful.

I climbed into my car for the last time after taking a few pictures of the scene, and I readied myself to embark once more on the trip that would take me home. I turned on my iPod and began playing One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) by Frank Sinatra. I slowly pulled out of the parking lot making sure I caught one last glimpse of the school and I turned onto the main street passing the field where only a few hours before we had all been playing our last game of Capture the Flag.

I smiled. It had been a great summer, and there were many memories that I would take with me; I was definitely not leaving empty-handed. As I drove home on the freeway with the sun disappearing into the horizon behind me and night rising before me, I thought about how I would surely miss my days here. I would, however, always carry with me the memories, relationships and friendships that were formed this summer.

That pretty much sums up how my summer was. It seems like so long ago.

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