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Happy New Revolution Around the Sun!

Yet another year has elapsed and yet another year commences. Congratulations on surviving yet another dizzying revolution around our bright star! All joking aside, I’d like to wish everyone great happiness and peace in this new year. May it be replete with a myriad of opportunities for you to smile. The family and I celebrated…

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Snow! Winter!

It’s December again in Southern California, but this time around it’s actually very, very cold. At least it’s very cold compared to Decembers past. It’s currently 48°F (but it feels like 40°), rain is pouring down, and there is lots of cold wind blowing through. It’s actually been raining since yesterday, and the cold started…

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This past September I began a journey that would lead me to an alliance with the Big Orange Box and with Lowe’s, said box’s archenemy. I had a bit of money saved up from working during the summer, so after doing tons and tons of “research” both online and off, I decided to spruce up…

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End of Summer Job

I recently found this little composition that I wrote back in August about my last day of work at PlanetBravo in Redondo Beach. Just thought I’d share. August 15, 2008 Today was the last of day of TechnoTainment Camp at PlanetBravo in the South Bay. It was the conclusion of six weeks of battling with…

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Hectic but Fun Summer

It’s been a little more than two months since my last post; I’ve been doing so much I haven’t had much time to do anything else! Most of my summer time was spent working in Redondo Beach at a technology summer camp for kids called PlanetBravo as a Programmer Counselor. I basically taught kids how…

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Top of my class on the Tonight Show

I was watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Episode 3573) a little while ago when I came across a funny surprise. Jay was doing a segment called Celebrity Cloning Experiments Gone Horribly Wrong, or something to that effect, where he showed a picture of a celebrity or famous cartoon and then showed people (unsuspecting…

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A whole different Galaxy…in Carson

I got to go to my first soccer game today! It was at the Home Depot Center in Carson, home of the LA Galaxy. The whole family went in part to support Youth for Orphans who was having a booth there and in part to celebrate Father’s Day a little early (since Dad likes soccer)….

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Julie’s Grad Trip

Yay! Julie graduated from Biola this past Saturday. Much like my New York Graduation trip, we went for a little trip these last few days a little north to Ventura and Santa Barbara. We first stopped in Simi Valley on our way up to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Once you get out of…

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Upgrading to HDTV (with a few snags)

It’s finally time to upgrade to watching TV in high definition! Dad bought a 42-inch Syntax-Brillian Olevia 242v last weekend (just in time for Julie’s graduation—Congratulations Julie!) and gave away our old 32-inch CRT TV. I know it’s not the best available, but I think it was worth the $700 he paid for it, especially…

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