Upgrades Galore

I was recruited to video a wedding last weekend by my aunt in Escondido. (That’s a few miles northeast of San Diego. On a side note, that trip was the first time that I drove solo to and from San Diego.) The only problem was that I didn’t have “proper” equipment to produce a quality…

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New Apple Goodness

Apple just released a bunch of new and improved stuff: a new, thinner, cool-looking iMac; new, sleeker, wired and wireless keyboards; iLife ’08; iWork ’08; and a few other things that I haven’t looked at yet. I’ve been looking into getting a new Mac and getting Final Cut Express HD, so I’ve been keeping my…

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Cool barcodes

I discovered this Web site that lets you try out different barcode styles. It’s mainly to teach someone how to put barcodes on their Web site, but it’s fun to play around with. Barcode Software

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It’s only just begun

Well, it’s finally over. My career as an undergraduate student of computer science has come to an end. Graduation on Sunday was great, though it all went by so quickly. I think I have to look at the ceremony again to see what actually happened! I spent half of the day yesterday on the Internet…

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Very cool Web site!

I’ve known of this company for a while now, but I had never realized how much of a cool Web site they had. The design is awesome and so is the user interface. Take a look: Panic, Inc. ( I should note that the Web site (and all Web sites in general!) looks better in…

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April Fools…Google style

It’s April Fools today! I haven’t pranked anyone in years! (Neither have I been pranked, oddly enough.) Google decided to have a little fun too. They introduced their Toilet Internet Service Provider (TiSP) today. I actually thought it was legit for the first few minutes, until I saw the installation pictures. Hilarious!

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Hey look! My remote works!

I found out something cool today about digital cameras and infrared (IR) light. Most remote controls nowadays use IR light to communicate with its corresponding receiver (TV, stereo, etc.), and digital cameras are sensitive to that light. Human eyes can’t see IR light, because it’s outside of the visible spectrum (around 400 to 700 nm)…

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Vista is on the loose

Microsoft released Windows Vista a few days ago (Monday, I think), and I don’t think it’s going to be too popular for a while. For one, it’s too expensive to upgrade, and secondly, most of its “new” features are hardly innovative. You can read two reviews on Vista here: Vista’s pretty, but it’s a shameless…

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Widescreen iPod + Phone + Internet

The new Apple iPhone looks really, really cool! It can do so many amazing things, many of them at the same time. (Take a look at the MacWorld keynote to see Steve Jobs demonstrating all of its dumbfounding features.) Admittedly, I would probably not purchase one currently just because I don’t have any use for…

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