Xerox goes 2.0

At the beginning of this month, Xerox joined a number of corporations and jumped onto the Web 2.0 bandwagon. When I first saw their new logo, the font reminded me of the new Kodak logo. Oddly enough, the logo wasn’t well received among many graphic designers and other people of that ilk. I have to…

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iPod recycling speaker and dementia

I, like many other Mac users, have saved every box/package of every Apple product that I have purchased or have received as gifts. It’s not like I have a huge collection, but a few empty boxes can get in the way of being tidy. So, when something like the Bird-Electron EZ17-B iPod Recycling Speaker comes…

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Sosumi and the Mac startup sound

The story of the Sosumi sound is widely known among Mac users. It’s not often, though, that you get to hear the story from the person that actually made the sound and so many other well-known Mac system sounds. So, when I came across this article at BoingBoing, I was thoroughly intrigued. Be sure to…

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Technology changes

I bought a new flash drive yesterday on Best, because my four-year-old Sony 128MB Micro Vault broke apart when I tried to take the cap off a few weeks ago. I was able to get a SanDisk 2GB Micro Cruzer for $19.99, which completely amazed me, because I remember paying about $35 for my…

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Goodbye dial-up blues

Yay! High-speed Internet! We had our satellite-based Internet installed today, and I must say that I am very happy! After being stuck with AOL for almost 10 years, it feels good to upgrade. We had been looking into getting a faster connection for quite some time now, but no one seemed to service the area,…

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Lost in the Hills

Apple was on the California leg of The Remix Tour today. Jakie and I had originally planned to go the seminar at USC, but time crept up on us more quickly than we thought, and so we agreed to go to the one at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. We really didn’t…

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