I previously promised to show how I made the time-lapse video of me installing an IKEA floor, so I figured it was time for me to keep my promise. An intervalometer is basically a device that keeps track of intervals of time, just like a speedometer keeps track of speed and a thermometer keeps track…

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Captivating Internet Minutiae

I can’t claim to know much about how the Internet works. Every time I research the subject, I come across new complexities that have always been there but I never knew existed. I’m just glad that there were (and still are) a few geniuses that were astute enough to put all these technologies together to…

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Upgrading to HDTV (with a few snags)

It’s finally time to upgrade to watching TV in high definition! Dad bought a 42-inch Syntax-Brillian Olevia 242v last weekend (just in time for Julie’s graduation—Congratulations Julie!) and gave away our old 32-inch CRT TV. I know it’s not the best available, but I think it was worth the $700 he paid for it, especially…

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Getting a new mouse

A few weeks ago, I started shopping around for a new mouse to replace the Kensington USB PocketMouse Pro that I gave away. I had a few requirements, though: It had to be ambidextrous I frequently switch back and forth between using my left and right hands It had to be cordless I didn’t want…

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Adobe Creative Suite Icons

I was doing a little searching for creating CS3-like icons for other applications, when I came across this article at Creative Pro that shows how the CS icons redesign and their subsequent CS2 revisions were made. The CS3 icons are completely minimalist, moving away from the naturalist theme. Some people hate them and others love…

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Friendly viruses and melting devices

I found a couple of cool gadgets at Engadget: the Newton Virus which “spreads joy” in the form of a digital practical joke and a concept for a future Nokia nanotech device called Morph. Both are really cool little gadgets, though you’ll have to wait around for a few hundred more years for the latter.

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Toshiba calls it quits; does it matter?

Toshiba released a statement today stating that they will cease production of HD-DVD products, which effectively means that Blu-Ray has won the format war. I am thankful that all the bickering and fighting is now over, but in the end, will the common person go out of their way to purchase a new system? In…

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