Top of my class on the Tonight Show

I was watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Episode 3573) a little while ago when I came across a funny surprise. Jay was doing a segment called Celebrity Cloning Experiments Gone Horribly Wrong, or something to that effect, where he showed a picture of a celebrity or famous cartoon and then showed people (unsuspecting…

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Nefertiti and Los Angeles County

Ever since I first saw the famous bust of Nefertiti on display at the Ägyptisches Museum Berlin in my grade school history text book, I thought that the shape of the statue resembled the map outline of Los Angeles County. I don’t know why I remembered the similarity today, but I thought I’d share it…

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Adobe Creative Suite Icons

I was doing a little searching for creating CS3-like icons for other applications, when I came across this article at Creative Pro that shows how the CS icons redesign and their subsequent CS2 revisions were made. The CS3 icons are completely minimalist, moving away from the naturalist theme. Some people hate them and others love…

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Fight for dark skies

Living in a city makes it very difficult to view stars and other extraterrestrial objects in the night sky due to light pollution. The International Dark-Sky Association aims to “preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting.” There are many dark-sky places on Earth being threatened by…

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Friendly viruses and melting devices

I found a couple of cool gadgets at Engadget: the Newton Virus which “spreads joy” in the form of a digital practical joke and a concept for a future Nokia nanotech device called Morph. Both are really cool little gadgets, though you’ll have to wait around for a few hundred more years for the latter.

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Beginner’s luck at archery

I finally got to attend the free Saturday morning classes at the Pasadena Roving Archers‘ range this morning. I first heard about the classes about two years ago, but I had never gone. I tried going last week, but I got lost, which made me late. By the time I arrived, the classes had already…

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Frozen Grand Central

I heard about Improv Everywhere a few weeks ago and the little stint they did at Grand Central Station. They got a group of people to all freeze at the same exact time for five minutes leaving onlookers curious and some workers aggravated. The reason I remembered them is because I saw an interview today…

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